D. Scott Martinez




D. Scott Martinez

D. Scott Martinez is a leading business and government law attorney and businessperson with first-hand knowledge of the interworking of the Colorado and US government. His blended background in business, law, and politics provides an edge to his clients and helps further their respective goals. Scott has a deep understanding of how to control the position of professionals and organizations looking to traverse the business environment and the regulatory process.

Business Law

Scott brings his knowledge of the Colorado business environment and corporate law to every client relationship of the firm. He represents various non-profits, businesses, and industry leaders in their corporate matters and before local governments. He is a go-to problem solver for clients in every industry working under government regulation – from developers and construction to emerging industries and government contractors. His years of experience creating and running entities that significantly impact our community improves his clients' position as they navigate the maze of business regulation.

Government Law

Scott's political contacts and political intelligence set him apart from other lawyers practicing in government relations. He served as Denver's youngest City Attorney and has played an influential role in law and government for his entire career. He has distinguished himself in political and legislative circles at the state and federal levels regarding Democratic initiatives. Scott provides unparalleled insight and access to a high-impact network of personal relationships through his governmental legal services. Known for public advocacy and equity, Scott makes the connection for his clients between fair government policies and fair economic participation for businesses. He guides his clients through the pressured environments of private companies and state and federal governmental entities.

Scott Martinez is known in Colorado and throughout the nation as more than a lawyer; he is an advisor and influencer when it comes to the businesses and politics that affect our community. As a visionary businessperson with a blended background in law and politics, he relies on his unique career experiences to shape the world to reflect Democratic policies. As a leading Latino entrepreneur and lawyer, he provides crucial insight into how political issues such as gerrymandering can affect the economics of communities of color long term. His unequaled network, experience in government, and legal background give his clients an edge when looking for corporate counsel or an intermediary between business and lawmakers.

In addition to Scott's legal work, he remains active in the community as a board member for the Colorado Nonprofit Association, the Civic Ventures board for the Downtown Denver Partnership, a Gubernatorial appointee to the Metropolitan Stadium District, the Co-Founder, Board Member and Mentor for the Government Entrepreneurship Leadership Accelerator, and a Mentor for Law School…Yes We Can.