Business &
nonprofit advice

Martinez and Partners provides legal and regulatory services at the intersection of politics, law, government, business, and non-profit enterprise; representing a wide range of clients—from Fortune 100 corporations to trade associations to individuals—in virtually all industries. The firm is a dominant presence in positioning businesses and nonprofits to advance their causes and navigate complex regulatory environments. 

branch advocacy

We advise our clients on how to influence politics and policy exclusively within the Executive Branch at the federal, state, and local government levels. Clients trust us to solve complex legal and policy challenges and to map and mitigate the political and legal risks facing their brands.  All of the policy challenges we take require a knowledge of administrative law, statutory interpretation and legal analysis. We solve problems for businesses and individuals where law and politics meet.

High-Net-worth strategic
social investment

Our high-net-worth clients engage us to advise their family trusts,  business interests, nonprofit engagement and to aggressively defend their personal and professional interests.  Our clients use our services to maintain their privacy as they make strategic business investments and align their charitable giving to match their social beliefs. We provide legal due diligence and political strategic advice for individuals seeking to do good with their financial resources.