Latino Leaders Magazine recognizes Top Latino Lawyers

Latino Leaders Magazine most recent issue recognized the Top Latino Lawyers in America.  The publication is the mission of brothers and founders, Raul and Jorge Ferraez, two Mexican businessmen. For more than a decade, Latino Leaders Magazine has featured the top Latinos in the United States, including politicians, sports stars, business owners and other relevant and successful leaders.  

Scott Martinez was included in the list of Top Latino Lawyers by 2021 edition of Latino Leaders Magazine.  According to Latino Leaders Magazine, Scott was recognized for being known in Colorado and throughout the nation as more than a lawyer; he is an advisor and influencer when it comes to the businesses and politics that affect our [Latino] community. As a visionary businessperson with a blended background in law and politics, he relies on his unique career experiences to shape the world to reflect Democratic policies. As a leading Latino entrepreneur and lawyer, he provides crucial insight into how political issues such as gerrymandering can affect the economics of communities of color long term.

Top Latino Lawyers — Latino Leaders Magazine