Mental Wellness Resources AND Modern Gun Policy

When the Colorado legislature considers updating gun policy in an effort to tackle the devastation of mass shootings, some opponents argue we should instead focus on mental health.  My response is that we can and should do both.

Individual Coloradans deserve the mental wellness resources they need.  Full stop.  When a person acts out in an act of violence, we as a community should be able to protect ourselves through gun policies which can make us safer.  Law enforcement shouldn't be outgunned.

As I said in this 5280 piece by Victoria Coradine, 

"But Martinez, who has a background in enforcing gun laws in Denver, believes that Colorado
voters, as well as Americans across the country, are demanding stronger gun laws. 'My hope is that our current legislators will meet the voters where they are and pass legislation that helps make us safer,' he says."

Colorado Democrats Are Eager to Strengthen Gun Laws (