Where will the money come from?

Where will the money come from?

Andrew Kenney from Colorado Public Radio recently interviewed Scott Martinez about money in politics and sets the stage for Colorado's US Senate and Gubernatorial races (link below). 

"Scott Martinez is a Democratic campaign finance attorney. He thinks that most of the outside spending will target the Senate race, where Republicans hope to use President Joe Biden’s unpopularity to drag down Bennet.

“This is national politics, and there are lots of national players outside of Colorado who want to influence the outcome of the election,” Martinez said.

It could be a different story in the governor’s race. Because the position won’t affect the federal balance of power, the race is likely to draw less attention from the highest-powered national groups. But groups focused on single issues, such as abortion, still may spend to support Polis or Ganahl, Martinez said."

Democrats enter the 2022 elections with a big fundraising advantage in Colorado | Colorado Public Radio (cpr.org)